People that you thought you would never thank

So, keeping on the theme of people who annoy you, have you ever had that one person that you thought “I will never thank this person for anything in a million years”?  Well I had one of those people and my friends (tthoms and zesty annie) will agree with me about this person.

It goes back to my senior year of high school.  I decided I was going to get ahead of the game and take College Level English, none of that damn AP stuff that I have to take a test, I want the credit now.  Well in the high school that I went to that meant that there was only one teacher that you are stuck with and for the purposes of this blog she will referred to as Ms. Blar.  Ms. Blar is the kind of teacher that you just dread because she is so hard.  No matter how hard you studied for her exams, on any level, there was always something that you didn’t know on the exam.  If the assignment for homework was to read the story on pages 134 – 137 and there was two pages before it talking about the author of the story you had better read those pages also and know everything on those pages and the pages for the story.  If you did not know the information you better make sure that you had some sort of answer.  Also if you were going to miss her class for any reason you better let her know before hand and made sure that the excuse was valid and cleared with four other teachers other wise you had absolutely no reason and she didn’t care.

Anyway, she just made you want to tare your hair out of your head with the work that she made you do that you swore was great but ended up getting a C on.  I got a lot of these grades.  I did pass the class with a C, but because of the curve that we had at the school, a C in a college level class actually averaged out to a B+ in the end, so it was not that bad.

When I got to the college that I am in now (oh yeah I guess I should have mentioned that) I had to retake English because my program advisor wanted me to get a better grade.  Well I went from getting a C to an A-, and as the semester went on I was thinking “F***, I have to go thank the women” cause she challenged us that we never would do this, so I wanted to show her that she was wrong.  I went to go see her and she was floored and was amazed that she was wrong, for probably the first time in her life.  I guess I really showed her.

I guess sometimes you can’t help but have to thank people you really don’t want to.