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Pets, the greatest things that we have

Pets are the best things that we could possibly have.  Where you have one or twelve, cat or dog, a pet is something that is always there when you need it.  And pets are not just items that Paris Hilton carries around as an accessory but rather little people that care there when you need someone the most.  I myself have a cat.  Yes, most of the things that you hear about cats are true.  Cats are very interesting.  They have attitudes, they don’t give a flying crap about anything that you do.  If a cat doesn’t like you they will let you know and never let you forget about it.  However there are times that cats are the best.  If you don’t feel well they curl up with you and won’t leave you until you feel better.  Cats are also a great source of warmth.  On cold days they are great just to hold or have wrapped around your feet.

Everyone needs to have some sort of pet just because they are a great source of happiness.  They give constant love regardless of what happens.

Go curl up with a pet now.

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