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A Great Community Group

How many groups do you know that are active in the community that they are based in?  I’m not talking about the boys scouts or little leagues or anything like that.  I’m talking about the community groups that try and bring people from around the community and around the area.  I have one of those that I would like to tell you about.

The organization is known as the Untermyer Perfoming Arts Council (a.k.a UPAC).  This group of volunteers put on a wonderful music series over the summer and throughout the year.  The music that they put on over the summer is from diverse backgrounds and from many different genres.  The music that is heard comforts families from the local area as well as from towns and cities from nearby counties and states.  The series takes place on Saturday nights during the summer months (end of June to the first Saturday of September), all FREE OF CHARGE.  Anyway this group reaches those from the very young to the very old, from the well off to those that are just getting by.  But this tradition is in very precarious situation of not being able to go on.  For the past 35 years this amazing groups has but on this series without fail, however there this may not happen.  Funding, as it is every where else, has dried up.  Without any help from the public they may not be around to see year number 36 in there long tradition.

For all those groups out there that do a good thing that need your help, start by helping this one by clicking here and going to there website.

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