Sorry I haven’t been here for a while

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while.  I’ve had some issues that I needed to take care of (and no not those kinds of issues), but I’m back.

Now, as you may have realized I talk about stuff that is relevant to me.  Some of the stuff that I write are just the kinds of things that come to me at the spur of the moment.  I, unlike my friend tthoms, do not have a list of things that I want to talk about, I just go with the flow of how I feel at that particular moment.  Anyway so far I’ve had an ok day but I just needed to spend some time away from doing school work and worrying about what the next step in the lab experiment is that I have to do today.  This is my release from the world.  I can just relax here and not have to worry about who is saying what about this or what am I going to do for this class tonight or why am I spending the whole day at work today.  Here I can just breath.  Here I can be free from the worries of the world and just be myself.

I suggest that all of you go start writing about your world, either in a blog or in a journal, just write so that you can get the stress of everything out of your mind.