An idea that I thought was good at the time.

Ok so I thought I was doing something good for my mother when I did this.  Let me give you a little background.

My mother is a secretary in a middle school in the town that we live in.   The principal that is charge of the school can be a real *&#(@.  This mood can be directed directly at my mother which causes my mother to get upset.  After 7 months of this nonsense I had had enough of it so I did what me and my family does best, I wrote a letter.  In this letter I pretty much told the woman off and told her that what she was doing was childish and horrible.

I originally was not going to tell my mother about this letter, but I felt that I really had to.  After I told her there was of course more crying and thoughtfulness.  This being said there is nothing that matters now.  By the way did I mention that I sent a copy of this same letter to the Superintendent of Schools.

Sometimes it is a good thing to do stuff for your family, sometimes it may be better to stay out of it.