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It’s the end of another week

So it’s the end of another week.  IT IS FINALLY THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is the first week that I’m back at work with the “regular” hours that I have.  I’m glad that I have the job and that I have hours but I really do wish that some of the people that I work with just weren’t there.  For instance, let’s take my direct boss.  As everyone else’s boss he can get on my nerves sometimes.  As I have said before, he can be quite annoying.  Anyway he is not the only one.  There are quite a few people at work that can be annoying, and a few that are actually really nice people.  I think that over the next few of these blogs I’ll introduce you to them and let you decide for yourself if they are as annoying as I think or if they are normal and I’m the crazy one (which is very possible).

I hope that the people I work with are the crazy ones.

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