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It’s almost that time of year …. again

So it is almost that time of year.  The time of year where I get to sit and listen to people vie for jobs as summer camp counselors.  This is the time of year that I hate going into work.  I have to sit and listen to three main groups of people.  The first is the group of people that we had volunteering in our camps the previous year, we call the C.I.T.s.  Now these are usually the 16 year olds that are looking for their first paid job.  Most of them are great at the interview because they know exactly what it is that we are looking for them to do and how to answer, however there are the few that I just can’t stand because they are just annoying and they have no clue what it is that is right and wrong, but here is the kicker, we hire them anyway.  My boss, who will probably be the subject of my Friday blog this week, has this thing that if you volunteer for us you are assured a position the following year (or when you turn 16).  This has both good and bad points to it.  The good point is that you volunteer for a summer you get a job the next, the bad is that we have some lazy C.I.T.s that just don’t deserve to get the job and they do anyway.  This is where I have a problem with this practice.  I was once one of these people but, unlike some of them, I actually didn’t need to be a C.I.T., I interviewed with people that didn’t know that I was a C.I.T. and they thought that I was amazing.  So anyway the next group of people is the older group that work for the Board of Ed. and are just looking for some summer work to get some extra cash.  These people are probably just as bad, or if not worse, then the C.I.T.s.  They mostly think that because they have day to day contact with the kind of children that we have in our camps that they can best be suited for the position and thus should be hired on the spot.  Yes I know you may know these people in your own life and know the feeling.  Well I have news for you, they are as bad as you think.  I see them every year and every year it gets worse and worse.  I even had one of the Arts & Crafts Specialists that we have told one of her friends that I would hire her.  Now let me just put this out there, I IN NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM HAVE THE DIRECT AUTHORITY TO HIRE ANYONE.  Believe me that if I did some of the people that we do hire would definitely not have been.  Anyway these are those people that you just can’t stand.  Most of them are great and we hire them but most of them aren’t and we put them on the dreaded WAITING LIST.  Yes we have a waiting list and sometimes we do in fact call people off of it, it doesn’t always happen but sometimes it does.  The last group of people are the people that they only experience that they have with children  is either they have kids or that they once was a child.  These are the worst people to possibly interview.  They have no clue how to answer the questions that you are asking them.  They can not put together 1 and 2 and get 3.  Some of these people have actually lied on their application to get the job.  We had one women a couple of years ago apply.  One of the first questions on the application is have you been CONVICTED of a felony.  Now felonies range from grand theft auto to murder and vary slightly from state to state.  On the application she stated No.  Now a common thing that my boss will do is go through the application at the beginning of the interview and just ask some general questions from it.  With this woman he said “So I see you have not been convicted of any crimes.”  Now the normal response is to nod your head in agreement or make some kind of gesture that this is in fact correct.  She did not.  So my boss looked at her and said “Is there something wrong?”  In reply she stated “Well that is not necessarily true.”  (It is at this point that I would like to point out that we do have a director that works over the summer at one of our camps that was convicted of petty larson, another kind of felony.)  She then stated “Well I have been convicted of a felony.”  Now she has stated that she has lied on her application, already not a good thing.  So my boss questioned her “What, may I ask, was the nature of the crime?”  The following statement put the whole world into stunned silence, “Child neglect.”  You heard right folks the woman confessed that she was convicted of child neglect, another way of saying CHILD ABUSE.  Well, according to state and federal law, once you have began the interview process of a convicted felon, you are not allowed to just end the interview, you must continue and conclude at a later point in the interview process.  So my boss continued to ask several more questions and then told her that we would have to look into her situation before letting her know if she was to work for us or not.  I guess you can figure out what we ended up doing.  Don’t call us, we won’t call you.  Now you see why I’m not a fan of this time of year.

All I have to say now is, I can only hope that this year is better then last year.

2 responses to “It’s almost that time of year …. again

  1. tthomps ⋅

    I want stories from interviews. This sounds like a horrifying process, but you are such a good storyteller. You need to dish.

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