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I thought that throughout this week I would give you some treats.

I thought that since I’m working full days this week by giving you some more blogs about the people that I work with.

This blog is dedicated to my commissioner.  He will be retiring at the end of this month.  He does in fact deserve this retirement.  He has worked for the department for the last 35 years.  He first started out as a recreation assistant and moved up through the ranks until he finally became commissioner last year.  He is a very nice man that would do anything possible to help you out.  Although he may not always see eye to eye with you he does have ideas to make the plans better and more workable.  There is something about the way that he runs the department that makes you stand there in awe of what he is able to do.  The only question that we now have is who is going to replace him.  Everyone says that it should be his deputy, another nice guy.  The only problem with that is that his deputy has no clue about certain things.  Thems the breaks sometimes.  There is going to be some kind struggle coming up over the next several weeks.

This should be an interesting time.

One response to “I thought that throughout this week I would give you some treats.

  1. tthomps ⋅

    In a lot of work places there are people that just take on jobs. Then when they leave you realize that they were the reason everything was running so smoothly.
    They are the cornerstones of a work place and it looks like you just lost one

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