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So who should I talk about today … I know!!

So sitting at the reception desk at work today I was trying to decide whom I should write about today, and then it hit me.  There is one person in the entire office that no one likes that would be the perfect subject for this next blog.

This woman is despised by most of the people in this office.  When you here the voice in the morning, you know that it’s going to be a bad day.  There is no getting away from it.  Don’t be caught doing anything that you should not be or doing it the wrong way cause you will get yelled at from here to Timbuktu.  As you can probably guess I have had numerous encounters with the woman.  Let me tell you of one of these that I had about two years ago.

We had just gotten a new registration system for the department do that people could register for our classes online.  The system crashed on the first night of registration so we had to move the walk-in registration day to the following day.  It was on this day that I had my issue.  I had been in the back office for most of the day registering people.  I had come out to the front office to grab a receipt that I had printed.  At that moment I was asked 4 questions and to answer a phone call.  After doing all of this I slammed the phone down, a little annoyed and walked out passed her.  As I’m passing her in the doorway she says “Isn’t anyone going to say something to him?” , mind you that she has done this numerous times.  I walked in the back, where I had been, and after the person that was back there left, I announced to my director and my weekend boss that I was ready to kill her cause of what was just said and the thing that she had said the day prior.

Why can’t people just be normal.

One response to “So who should I talk about today … I know!!

  1. tthomps ⋅

    People aren’t normal…we are a testament of that fact.
    What your wishing for is people to be nice…and that is a never ending wish.

    Write more!!

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