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And the winner of this weeks award is

This week I figured I would give you a little bit of an over view of the office that we have.  Our office is set up so that you can hear just about everyone, no matter where you are in the building.  The front office is the first office that you see.  This is directly across from the door that leads to my boss’ office.  His office is the only one, besides the main office, that you can get into without being buzzed into the back.  Sharing the office with my boss, divided by a glass barrier, is my weekend boss.  In the next office are our Community Rec. and Aquatics Rec. Supervisors.  The following office belongs to the loud mouth of the office.  This is the office that everyone tries to avoid like a plague.  The last office down this hallway belongs to the Senior Rec. Supervisor and the Director.  That is the end of that hallway, unless you want to go out onto the roof which we do have a door to do that.

The other hallway is just as long but with fewer offices.  The Deputy Commissioner’s, Aborist’s, and Maintanence Director’s office is the first one (yes they all share the office) and there is one secretary.  The next office is the Commissioner’s office.  That is it.  Not many people down on this end.

Now you see why when people get on my nerves the main reason is because we are all so close to each other.

Take my advise, get plenty of space between you and your co-worker, when ever you can.

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