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Sorry that i haven’t talked in a while

I’m sorry that I haven’t been around for the last couple of weeks. I have been doing a lot of stuff and haven’t been able to write. So I have the next person that I’m going to at work. You may remember him from a previous blog that I wrote. My director made a very big mistake lasts week. Let me tell you the story.

We have a new intern in the office, a really nice person. He was going to show her the way we do things in the front office. I happened to be out in the front office during this and he was giving someone a permit to take pictures in the park that I work in on the weekend. Before the guy walked out I asked him if he had made copies of the paper work for the office manager. He said no and called the guy back over. The guy handed him back just the receipt with no permit. I asked my director what happened to the permit and he said that the receipt was all that he gave him. I took the book that we write all of the permits in and started correcting what he had done. I pulled out the permit sheet and showed him that this was the sheet that he needed. He then said that the guy that he didn’t need it, with which I immediately said yes he did. I guess he didn’t like that because after I finished correcting his mistake he yelled AT&T me that I should NEVER correct him in front of the public again. Well he got his because the office manager later yelled at him because he over booked the time slot and had to call the guy to say that he made another mistake.

Sometimes karma catches up with people quicker then you think.

One response to “Sorry that i haven’t talked in a while

  1. tthomps ⋅

    I love Karma.
    Welcome back to the blogging community. You should never forget who your friends are.

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