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I’m A Little Confused …… Maybe You Can Help Me?

Why is it that people are so lazy.  I know that I have not been in the working world for that long but I have been in long enough to realize that when I’m told to do something that I really should be doing, I do it.  There is no questioning, there is no saying “but, um can I,” there was nothing except you did it.  Am I just rambling or is this something that really existed.  And if it did exist, when did it go by the wayside.  I know over the course of the last several years there have been many things that have changed, but I did not know that listening to what your superior tells you also went out.  I guess there is so much I have to learn from those 16 year olds who are just being hired for the first time.

Here we go, into the future, where no one has to do what they are told to do.

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