More Bullshit

Why is it when someone has power they feel the need to show off this power to everyone in the world.  This is my continuing argument about things that I started talking about yesterday.  It has been found that we might have a problem with the Ethics Code for our city.  Now let me ask you, have we ever heard of any one that actually follows these things to the letter.  Now don’t get me wrong, I agree that everyone of our elected officials need to be held to a standard, but for those of us that are not policy makers and have nothing to do with the hiring and firing of people, why is it that we have to pay the price for those that are corrupt.

We, as regular people, have to suffer for those that make the wrong decisions.

It’s been a while, but there is a reason for that

It has been a while since I have written.  This is because there has been nothing for me to write about, until now.  We have a new commissioner that started at the beginning of this year.  Everything started off as you would think.  She made observations about what we did, how things ran, and what the day to day operations entailed, and everything was fine.  We all felt that this would be the year that she took to observe what it was that we did and then starting next year slowly bring in changes that she wanted to make.  All this ended six weeks into her taking over.  It started the day that she yelled at a supervisor for not including information that we all don’t expect until a later date.  Then the changes started coming like wild fire.  We went from a world of we needed to get approval from the higher ups for things that needed oversight on to a world where we can not even go from one room to another with out having to explain why we are taking each step.  We also entered a world that if you said or did anything that this commissioner does not like you are written up.  No one in the department can remember the last time that a commissioner wrote up a supervisor for anything.  We are now in the process of starting our hiring for the summer.


This is gong to be very interesting.