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What people should do when the wrong thing happens to them

When someone does wrong is it your job to tell them that they are wrong and to correct them or should you just let them be and not say anything.  The choice, most of you would probably say, is that it depends of the situation.  If it is something that does not really matter to much then don’t bother, but it if it a major thing then something needs to be said and right away.  Let me tell you what happened.

During the last week our amazing new commissioner told our supervisor that because our registration numbers are now significantly less than what we had during the first session that we no longer need to keep the same amount of staff and they need to be fired IMMEDIATELY.  After a temperary moment of shock he responded that there is no reason to get rid of these people.  The commissioner said that we have to many people to watch to few kids and that is reason enough.  After an entire two weeks of back and forth between our supervisor and the commissioner and deputy commissioner the decision was made to get rid of half of the staff.  That was done this afternoon.  Each site was visited by the supervisor and told of the news.  The staff were all upset and are now not sure what to do.

My suggestion is for the staff to all rise up against the institution that has wronged them by calling them, walking into the place demanding an explanation and going to the mayors office demanding explanations.  Although these seem like they may be extensive measures the reality is that these people had been gauranteed that they would be working for six weeks and now they are not working.

What would you do?

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