What Do You Think, Am I Crazy?

I know I have probably told this to you before, but I think that some of the new staff that we have working this summer are really stunad.  They are the laziest bunch of people that I have ever seen.  And they want everything done their own way, and if it’s not done that way they get huffy and want nothing to do with anything and decide that they don’t want to work.  I have never thought about doing this, EVER, and you all know how I feel about my boss.

I just want to know, is it me, or do people think that they are deserving of things because of who they are.

I’m A Little Confused …… Maybe You Can Help Me?

Why is it that people are so lazy.  I know that I have not been in the working world for that long but I have been in long enough to realize that when I’m told to do something that I really should be doing, I do it.  There is no questioning, there is no saying “but, um can I,” there was nothing except you did it.  Am I just rambling or is this something that really existed.  And if it did exist, when did it go by the wayside.  I know over the course of the last several years there have been many things that have changed, but I did not know that listening to what your superior tells you also went out.  I guess there is so much I have to learn from those 16 year olds who are just being hired for the first time.

Here we go, into the future, where no one has to do what they are told to do.

Busy week

This past week has been a doozy.  Camp has been a pain in the butt with all of the lovelies not doing what they are suppose to and then we have people that think that they own everything.  What a fine mess all of this can be.  My only wish is that people would do what they were suppose to.

So My Boss Must Have A Bad Memory

Why is it that when you do something that your supposed to, you get yelled at.  At our meeting before camp we were told that any staff that is not prepared to work should be sent home.  So I did that today and would’t you know that I was told that we were not supposed to do that.  Is it me or is it just that dumb ass.

I guess it doesn’t always pay to do what your supposed to.

Why are parents so dumb sometimes

So we have a set of parents at camp that have three children.  One of these children is too young to go to the camp, but that is a separate issue.  So these people have only registered two of their three children at camp, but they are sending all three children.  Now we had said to them that they could not send the third child, but wouldn’t you know that they sent her anyway.

Am I just nuts, or are these parents really stunad?

I’m going to be back from now on.

I have not been publishing my posts for a while because I have had a lot of stuff going on lately, but I am back.  This is the first in my on going struggles with people.

I don’t know if I ever said that I was a webmaster for a not-for-profit organization.  I have been the webmaster for the last 7 years, when I was still in high school.  For the last 7 years I have been trying to better myself by learning how to code different things and become a pretty good web site designer.  I had done everything myself.  Along the way there were a couple of people that offered to help me, but they never lasted.  Within the last couple of months there have been a few new people added to the board, one of which I work for at my regular job.  She volunteered to HELP me with a redesign and make over of the website.  Begrudgingly I accepted the help, because I have been doing this by myself and it would be nice to have someone help every so often.  However, I was a little leery because she was supposed to be HELPING to maintain the departments website, but the other person who is the other person assigned to it has been doing all the work, go figure.

Now she had suggested moving our domain from the place we had it to someone new because this new place would let you update things as if you were posting something on a blog, instead of using dreamweaver because “it’s too hard to do anything.”  By the way did I mention that she has a degree in web design and graphical production, both of which require knowing and using dreamweaver.  Anyway, she got her way with that because the president of the organization said “I want this done quickly.”  This meant that this had to be done the day before.  So we went through with the transfer.  Transfers usually take any where between 1 to 3 days, but they tell you that it could take up to 10.  So a week and a half later it still wasn’t done.  Gee that could be because someone, not this author, gave the wrong authorization code.  That problem was settle and I was given the password for the account so that I can get in and make some changes.  Well last Saturday I was making changes and they were small changes.  I didn’t think that they were very dramatic.  At approximately 11 o’clock the next night I received and e-mail from this lovely that I had ruined her whole day because she had to go in and redo everything that I had done.  I responded with an e-mail that pretty much called her all kinds of stupid.

I next tried to go in and make edits a few days later which would be this past Thursday.  Well I was locked out and after asking for the password through three different e-mails that included her, the organization president, and my mother (who also happens to be a board member) I got an e-mail from the president of the organization that said that she would be in charge of the website for the summer and that no one will be getting the password until that time.

Now tell me, who is in the wrong, me or the other two?

The day the summer ended

So today brought a close to another summer. All the kids are gone, all the stuff has been packed and all the goodbyes have been said. Now all that is left are the memories if days gone by. Even though they may not have all been good they are still there. All that I hVe to say is thank you to all the people that made this summer amazing. Especially the one person that I can always count on, my other mother.

Always remember where you came from, that’s what makes you who you are.