The end of the sumer has come

This summer has ended and it is that time when you start to think about what has happened, all the memories that you have made and all the people that you have been with.  This summer has been a little bit of a roller coster for me but I would not have changed any of it.  I think that this summer will help me to be better.  And hopefully with some luck, next year will be even better.

Till next time.

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Hope that you all are resting and relaxing on this beautiful day. If only we had our extra tv set up in the window we could be sitting outside in the new enclosed gazebo that we put up yesterday, that was an interesting experience.

Enjoy and relax, while you can.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone. Well it’s time to get out the shalalies and pints of Guinness and have ourselves a grand old time. I know that tthoms is going to laugh at me when I say this but it’s time for the drinkfest to begin. So let’s all grab our cornbeef, cabbage and potatoes and wash it all down with an ice cold pint.