How many times do you have to be kicked before you give up

This is the question that I have been asking myself for the last few weeks.  I have told you about the situations that I have been going through with the arts council that I am involved with.  Well after many attempts at trying to resolve these issues it has been realized that there will never be a mutual agreement I have made my decision.  I am no longer going to be part of the board.  I am going to focus my concentration on things that I can control and have decided to part ways with them.  As I am sure many of you can compare with me as it is hard to be with a group of people that do not agree with your ideas and think nothing of the last 14 years that you have been associated with them.  During my 14 years I have seen many people come and go, but none have lasted as long as I with the organization.

I can’t wait to see what disaster they will get themselves into.

Sorry about not being online for a while

Sorry about not being around for a while.  I have had a lot of stuff on my plate lately.  We have had the long and drawn out interview process (my biggest headache of this time of year), going through the applications of the people that we are hiring (my second biggest headache of this time of year), and doing the applications for the health department so that we can run the camps (my third biggest headache of the year).  Fortunately all three of these are done with now.  All that is left to do is do the registration for the camps and that got under way last night.  We have four site one really big one, two middle size ones, and one small one.  Last night the first session (session = 3 weeks of camp) filled up within 42 MINUTES!! Can you tell that these camps are popular.  So far that is the only session that has filled up but the others are not that far behind.  We expect that by the end of the day today the second session at the site will be full and that within the next few weeks the rest will be close to being full as well.  That’s all for now, I will be back tomorrow with my next person that I work with.

Remember, always keep a bottle of Advil around for when those headaches pop up.