What people should do when the wrong thing happens to them

When someone does wrong is it your job to tell them that they are wrong and to correct them or should you just let them be and not say anything.  The choice, most of you would probably say, is that it depends of the situation.  If it is something that does not really matter to much then don’t bother, but it if it a major thing then something needs to be said and right away.  Let me tell you what happened.

During the last week our amazing new commissioner told our supervisor that because our registration numbers are now significantly less than what we had during the first session that we no longer need to keep the same amount of staff and they need to be fired IMMEDIATELY.  After a temperary moment of shock he responded that there is no reason to get rid of these people.  The commissioner said that we have to many people to watch to few kids and that is reason enough.  After an entire two weeks of back and forth between our supervisor and the commissioner and deputy commissioner the decision was made to get rid of half of the staff.  That was done this afternoon.  Each site was visited by the supervisor and told of the news.  The staff were all upset and are now not sure what to do.

My suggestion is for the staff to all rise up against the institution that has wronged them by calling them, walking into the place demanding an explanation and going to the mayors office demanding explanations.  Although these seem like they may be extensive measures the reality is that these people had been gauranteed that they would be working for six weeks and now they are not working.

What would you do?

More Nonsense That Cannot Be Explained

How is it that whenever something comes across my bosses email and see that it’s a list of things that has to do with office work, 90% of the time I’m involved in someway or another.

Today our wonderful new commissioner asked all of the supervisors in the department to send her a list of what each of the recreation assistants that they supervise.  Well that involves me for sure.  See, I do more then the typical rec. assistant in the office.  I pretty much run the office when my supervisor is not in.  He even told our director “If I were to take three months off, you would have no idea because he (meaning me) would keep the office running because he knows how to do everything that needs to get done.”

So I guess I have to be the one on the outside again, but then again I am use to it.

That Time of Year again

So it is once again that time of year.  The time of year that I pull my hair out of my head.  Camp time and all the crap that goes along with it.  And this year the crap is double because of the new gorilla commissioner that we have.  Now not only am I dealing with one ass, I am dealing with two.

Anyone want to take my place, please?

More Bullshit

Why is it when someone has power they feel the need to show off this power to everyone in the world.  This is my continuing argument about things that I started talking about yesterday.  It has been found that we might have a problem with the Ethics Code for our city.  Now let me ask you, have we ever heard of any one that actually follows these things to the letter.  Now don’t get me wrong, I agree that everyone of our elected officials need to be held to a standard, but for those of us that are not policy makers and have nothing to do with the hiring and firing of people, why is it that we have to pay the price for those that are corrupt.

We, as regular people, have to suffer for those that make the wrong decisions.

It’s been a while, but there is a reason for that

It has been a while since I have written.  This is because there has been nothing for me to write about, until now.  We have a new commissioner that started at the beginning of this year.  Everything started off as you would think.  She made observations about what we did, how things ran, and what the day to day operations entailed, and everything was fine.  We all felt that this would be the year that she took to observe what it was that we did and then starting next year slowly bring in changes that she wanted to make.  All this ended six weeks into her taking over.  It started the day that she yelled at a supervisor for not including information that we all don’t expect until a later date.  Then the changes started coming like wild fire.  We went from a world of we needed to get approval from the higher ups for things that needed oversight on to a world where we can not even go from one room to another with out having to explain why we are taking each step.  We also entered a world that if you said or did anything that this commissioner does not like you are written up.  No one in the department can remember the last time that a commissioner wrote up a supervisor for anything.  We are now in the process of starting our hiring for the summer.


This is gong to be very interesting.

This Is The Saddest Post That I Have Written So Far

This is probably the saddest thing that I have written on this blog, I am losing my mother.  No she is not my real mother but yet she is still my mother in more ways then any other person could be that isn’t.  

Through the many years that I have known her (since I was 9) she has always steered me in the right direction.  I have always been able to talk to her about things that may upset other people.  She has been there for me even when she has not been with me.  I remember when I first started volunteering at the camp and she was there to tell me what I should do and that it was ok if I didn’t get it right the first time and that I would learn.  Although I wasn’t with her as a counselor I could always hear her in my ear saying “C.Y.A. (Cover your ass).”  As I continued outside of camp for a while I would stop by and see her at camp and we would both vent about things that were happening.  After her assistant director retired a few years ago I was hearing the names of the people that my boss was thinking of putting there.  All these people I knew were not going to end well, either she would murder them, they would murder her or they would murder each other.  After thinking about this I pestered our boss (yes the one that I talk about) until he put me there.  I knew this way she would at least have someone that would be able to help her with what she needed instead of trying to further themselves.  When I first started with her last summer I had a few missteps along the way, but as she always did she helped me threw them.  She also had a few problems and I know she was happy to know that she had someone there to help her.  As this year at camp started it was pretty much the same as usual except that “all the drama,” as she puts it, started on day one.  And day after day, week after week this summer I could see that she was getting annoyed.  As much as I could I tried to help her, but I had a feeling her mind was made up when at a recent staff meeting she looked at everyone and said “I will not always be the one sitting in this chair, you don’t know who they will but her next.”  I knew right then and there that was it.

So for all the laughs, all the tears, and all the good and bad times that we have had over the last 13 year I say to her:
May all your days be happy and not filled with stress,
May you always remember not only where you are going but also where you have been,
And most of all that at some point I hope to be able to teach people the way that you have been able to teach me.

You Know Who. 

Is This Sad

Is it sad that we are counting the hours until camp is over.  We have never done this but with everything that has happened this year we are just in one of those moods.  Why is it that whenever you want something to hurry up and end, it takes a hell of a lot longer to finish.

I just hope that this week goes by without a problem.

What Do You Think, Am I Crazy?

I know I have probably told this to you before, but I think that some of the new staff that we have working this summer are really stunad.  They are the laziest bunch of people that I have ever seen.  And they want everything done their own way, and if it’s not done that way they get huffy and want nothing to do with anything and decide that they don’t want to work.  I have never thought about doing this, EVER, and you all know how I feel about my boss.

I just want to know, is it me, or do people think that they are deserving of things because of who they are.

I’m A Little Confused …… Maybe You Can Help Me?

Why is it that people are so lazy.  I know that I have not been in the working world for that long but I have been in long enough to realize that when I’m told to do something that I really should be doing, I do it.  There is no questioning, there is no saying “but, um can I,” there was nothing except you did it.  Am I just rambling or is this something that really existed.  And if it did exist, when did it go by the wayside.  I know over the course of the last several years there have been many things that have changed, but I did not know that listening to what your superior tells you also went out.  I guess there is so much I have to learn from those 16 year olds who are just being hired for the first time.

Here we go, into the future, where no one has to do what they are told to do.

The day the summer ended

So today brought a close to another summer. All the kids are gone, all the stuff has been packed and all the goodbyes have been said. Now all that is left are the memories if days gone by. Even though they may not have all been good they are still there. All that I hVe to say is thank you to all the people that made this summer amazing. Especially the one person that I can always count on, my other mother.

Always remember where you came from, that’s what makes you who you are.