So the bitch strikes again

So the bitch of the department got me both yesterday and today.

Yesterday, after the busyness of set-up and all that went with it i figured that I would relax a little by just answering phones in the main office for the afternoon.  I received a phone call from a woman questioning why some bathrooms were not open.  Since this was part of the facilities that the bitch is in charge of I transfred her back to her not saying her name or anything, like I’m supposed to with her calls (she doesn’t like people knowing her name without her telling them).  After about 5 minutes the bitch comes out of her office and to the front complaining that I shouldn’t be out in the front if I;m going to give her calls telling people her name and giving her complaints, it gets better.

This morning I am walking into the buildinig, just walking in, and I’m confronnted by her and the deputy commissioner with her yelling ” You people left a mess in the board room yesterday night.”  I said I had no idea what she was talking about.  Again she said “You left a mess after your meeting last night.” I told her that our meeting was yesterday afternoon and that myself and my boss both cleaned the room afterwards.  I was then told “Well who was here last night.”  I said I had no idea and proceeded to walk into my office.

Sometimes when your a bitches plaything you can’t get out of their way.

The last annoying day before camp

Today was the last day before camp set-up, the busiest day that we have. It is by far the helliest day out of hell week. I have never done so much copying and folder making and filling in my whole life except for what I do on this ay every year. I usually start the day in a frenzy and finish it in a lul but not this time. There was so much last minute stuff that had to be dine this year that it was a constant rush to the end and even that didn’t help any. I left my office an hour later then I usually do because of the amount of work that had to be done. However I can now say that without a doubt that everything is where it is supposed to be. But wait did I put that file in the right box, oh and did I pack that in the right site???????

You know what, sometimes you just need to let things work themselves out.

To Park or Not to Park, that is the real question

How many of you work someplace where there is no actual parking lot? Well that is our work situation. All of our cars can fit in front of the building but in order for some of us to get home easier we park on the opposite side of the street where not a lot of people can fit. So today, as I do most days when I come back from getting lunch, I parked on the opposite side of the street from the office. Well our resident bitch, whom I parked in back of leaving enough room so that she could get out, came in after doing the mail run said to me “You known your parked a little far into the street and someone is going to hit you.” Now I know how I parked, I’m not blind.

I guess you can’t please some people.

The end of hell week

Today ends hell week, thank goodness. This is the one week that I absolutely hate each year. This is the week of all the orientations for work. It all begins on Saturday with staff orientation. After a long day of sitting and listening to my boss talk about absolute nonsense we then have the parent orientations. These are preceded by the making of the children packets that take forever to do and then is the meetings with the parents. Yes, the lovely people that you stare at and say ” Why in God’s name did they let you have a child?”. Now that they are all over it is time to get the camps ready and set for the first day of camp.

Stress is relieved, now bring on the drugs for the summer.

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Hope that you all are resting and relaxing on this beautiful day. If only we had our extra tv set up in the window we could be sitting outside in the new enclosed gazebo that we put up yesterday, that was an interesting experience.

Enjoy and relax, while you can.

So today was interesting

So today I got to work a little later then usual. I had my last final today and finished today. I got to work and found out that today we were checking in the arts and crafts order that had come in. Now some of the orders that we get in usually take about an hour or two to check in but this order is huge and is only half in. This half takes up two pallets. So myself, my weekend boss, my regular boss, the head of the adult classes and the director went down to the loading dock to move the order into the rec room so that we could check it in. We had one of the labor guys help move the pallets into the room for us so that we did not have to do that. As time goes on all of a sudden the director disappears and then my regular boss disappears and then comes back. I will say even though we did this in pieces we were able to get a pallet and a half done today. We’re going to have to do the last half pallet tomorrow, more fun stuff.

It is good sometimes to have several hands working together, sometimes not.

Sorry that i haven’t talked in a while

I’m sorry that I haven’t been around for the last couple of weeks. I have been doing a lot of stuff and haven’t been able to write. So I have the next person that I’m going to at work. You may remember him from a previous blog that I wrote. My director made a very big mistake lasts week. Let me tell you the story.

We have a new intern in the office, a really nice person. He was going to show her the way we do things in the front office. I happened to be out in the front office during this and he was giving someone a permit to take pictures in the park that I work in on the weekend. Before the guy walked out I asked him if he had made copies of the paper work for the office manager. He said no and called the guy back over. The guy handed him back just the receipt with no permit. I asked my director what happened to the permit and he said that the receipt was all that he gave him. I took the book that we write all of the permits in and started correcting what he had done. I pulled out the permit sheet and showed him that this was the sheet that he needed. He then said that the guy that he didn’t need it, with which I immediately said yes he did. I guess he didn’t like that because after I finished correcting his mistake he yelled AT&T me that I should NEVER correct him in front of the public again. Well he got his because the office manager later yelled at him because he over booked the time slot and had to call the guy to say that he made another mistake.

Sometimes karma catches up with people quicker then you think.

And the winner of this weeks award is

This week I figured I would give you a little bit of an over view of the office that we have.  Our office is set up so that you can hear just about everyone, no matter where you are in the building.  The front office is the first office that you see.  This is directly across from the door that leads to my boss’ office.  His office is the only one, besides the main office, that you can get into without being buzzed into the back.  Sharing the office with my boss, divided by a glass barrier, is my weekend boss.  In the next office are our Community Rec. and Aquatics Rec. Supervisors.  The following office belongs to the loud mouth of the office.  This is the office that everyone tries to avoid like a plague.  The last office down this hallway belongs to the Senior Rec. Supervisor and the Director.  That is the end of that hallway, unless you want to go out onto the roof which we do have a door to do that.

The other hallway is just as long but with fewer offices.  The Deputy Commissioner’s, Aborist’s, and Maintanence Director’s office is the first one (yes they all share the office) and there is one secretary.  The next office is the Commissioner’s office.  That is it.  Not many people down on this end.

Now you see why when people get on my nerves the main reason is because we are all so close to each other.

Take my advise, get plenty of space between you and your co-worker, when ever you can.